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Uptown on Main

front-5-26-2016-wuma-website-1Uptown On Main
featuring Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co.
64 East Main Street
Westerville, OH 43081


In 2011, The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co. moved to Uptown On Main at 64 East Main Street. The name “Uptown On Main” lets everyone would know where the shop is located and The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co. is the brand of teas and spices sold here.

The shop is just 500 feet east of State Street, not far but not easily visible from State Street. Hours are 12 – 5 pm Wednesday through Saturday and for Uptown events like 4th Fridays. There is parking along Main Street and a parking lot in the back in Noble Alley.

The teas and spices arrive directly from suppliers and are packaged here to ensure flavorful, quality products. Many of the spice blends are salt free so you can add the amount you want for healthier cooking. Since our products are more flavorful, you can use less and enjoy more! Using these spices will take your cooking to a new level!

There are over 80 different teas and tisanes from all over the world. Imagine flavors like Perfect Peach, Uptown Cinnamon, Jasmine, Peppermint Pizazz, Caramel Cream and Cherry Cheer. These are just a few flavors available plus many traditional teas such as Assam, English Morning and Japanese Sencha. So many special and unique options – enjoy a cup of tea in the garden anytime weather permits. DRINK MORE TEA!!

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