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Flow Forward

flow-forward-logoFlow Forward is a Career Consulting, Personal Empowerment, Life Coaching, and Self-Improvement Center located in Uptown Westerville.


At Flow Forward, we envision a community in which people are empowered to consciously create authentic, sustainable, joyful lives. With a focus on personal and career development, our mission is to help people create lives that are accurate reflections of who they are and what they believe.

Our courses, workshops, special events, and one-to-one services are designed to advance our vision one participant at a time. Whether you are interested in career consulting, personal empowerment, life coaching, or self-improvement, we are committed to empowering you and enhancing your life experience.


At Flow Forward we offer career consulting, personal empowerment, life coaching, and self-improvement programs in small group and one-to-one formats. Our one-to-one services cater to those who wish to receive individualized or targeted guidance and support.

Hourly sessions are facilitated by our highly skilled and credentialed core faculty in a private setting. If you have been searching for a Life or Career Coach or Consultant, Flow Forward’s one-to-one services could be a great fit.

Whether you visit us once or become a long-term participant, Flow Forward is dedicated to helping you create an authentic, sustainable, and joyful life. Call today to schedule an appointment! (614) 246-1313

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